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This week we have completed our 4th and final Unit of Inquiry

Central Idea: We use our senses to learn about ourselves and the world around us

Lines of Inquiry

  1. Our Senses
  2. How our senses help us learn
  3. Ways people adapt when senses are limited

Key Concepts:

  • Function 
  • Connection  
  • Change 

Books and Songs


Macca the Alpaca

Hi 5 - 5 Senses

Listening Song


Inquiry Activities and Discussions:

  • Sense of taste - Discussions how we use our tongues to taste
  • Taste test - The children tasted different foods and described whether they were sweet, salty, sour or bitter
  • Recap and assessment
  • Summative assessment


Other Activities:

Craft: Chalking onto black paper, painting at easel

Math: Counting, number and shape recognition

Messy Play: Small coloured beads


Jewish Studies 

This week in Jewish Studies we started inquiring into the Mezuza. We loved learning different songs about a mezuza and practiced writing with a feather. It was a lot of fun! 


In this week's Mandarin lesson, we reviewed what we learned before. We sang songs, we told stories, and we played games.


Notices and Reminders

  • Monday 14 June - Public Holiday NO school
  • Next week there will be no Show and Tell, library or PE
  • Please remember to return all library books.  
  • Tuesday 15 June Pyjama day - Children should come to school in their pyjamas and can bring a blanket, teddy, pillow etc
  • Wednesday 16 June Water fun day - Please send your child to school wearing their swimsuits.  They need to bring a full change of clothes, a towel, spare masks and water proof shoes.  They can also bring water toys (not water guns)
  • Thursday 17 June - Last Day of School - Finish at 12 noon No Lunch