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We have had another short but busy week in Nursery A

Books and Songs

  • The Colour Monster
  • Sometimes I Feel Silly 
  • Happy and You Know it
  • Morning and Calendar songs

Activities and Discussions:

  • Focused on the book The Colour Monster
  • Watched Animated version on computer
  • Recapped what Calm means and how to calm down when needed
  • Recapped the colours in the book and the associated emotion

After the 2 week break (on 4th October) We will begin our first Unit of Inquiry which is:

Central Idea: We use our senses to learn about ourselves and the world around us

Lines of Inquiry

  1. Myself
  2. My family
  3. My School community
  4. How my actions affect others

Key Concepts:

  • Form
  • Function 
  • Connection  

Other Activities:


  • Marble rolling painting a colourful Coloured Monster
  • Painting at Easel
  • Colouring a Colour Monster book

Fine Motor:   

  • Light Table
  • Sorting half marbles into colours

Jewish Studies:

On Monday we had a very enjoyable Tashlich trip to Sun Yat Sen Park.  We then moved our Jewish Studies inquiry onto Sukkot. We spent time making our own Sukkah crafts, and visited the Ohel Leah Sukkah. We sang songs and explored the Arba Minim. Wishing everyone a Chag Sameach! 

Our Chazan this week.


This week in Mandarin we talked about animals in the zoo and the children made a a zoo animal craft. 

Notices and Reminders