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Unit of Inquiry

Central Idea: People can have an impact on the ocean

Lines of Inquiry

  1. What lives in the ocean
  2. How people impact the ocean
  3. Our responsibility to the ocean

Key Concepts:

  • Form
  • Change 
  • Responsibility

Inquiry Activities and Discussions:

  • Introduced the new unit
  • Looked at the globe and discussed the land areas and the water
  • Asked the children to name different creatures that live in the ocean
  • Discussed briefly what happens when rubbish is thrown into the ocean
  • Pre Assessment task to asses each child’s prior knowledge of the unit

Books and Songs


  • Warm up running and stretching
  • Sharks in the Water game
  • Mini rugby balls – throwing, catching, kicking

Other Activities

Messy Play: Blue and green water beadsArts and Crafts: Colouring ocean animals, Sponging a blue ocean background onto paper.

Fine Motor: Painting earths using blue and green watery paint and pipettes

Math: Number recognition, Ocean animal bingo

Jewish Studies

In Jewish Studies this week we have continued exploring the 6 days of Creation. We have had fun engaging with our Creation discovery table, and spent time inquiring into Days 3 and 4 of Creation! 


This week in Mandarin, we started to talk about families, we learnt our different family member's names in Mandarin. The children shared their family photos, and we also learned a lovely song about family.

Notices and Reminders

  • Show and Tell - Wednesday
  • PE - Library
  • Library - Thursday (please remember to return the library book)
  • Friday 13 November - Teacher Professional Development Day School finishes at 12pm
  • 19 and 24 November - Parent Teacher Conferences