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Dear Nursery S Parents,

This week we wrapped up the sense of sight and began inquiring into hearing. We began brainstorming what we know about the sense of hearing and investigated different sound sources. We went on a listening walk outside, and while the children wore a blindfold they used their sense of hearing to identify sounds around them. We heard drilling and hammering from the construction sight, scooters on the playground, birds and clapping. We then listened to different recorded sounds and had to guess what the sound was! The children have identified that not all people are able to hear and so you need to "show" to communicated with these people. This coming week we will find out more about sign language!


  • Number recognition with braille
  • Patterning; we copied colour patterns with playdough and coloured bears, extended patterns and some children even created their own 2, 3 and 4 part patterns!!


  • Have You Filled A Bucket Today?
  • Who's Making That Noise?
  • Sounds All Around?
  • Willmur and Willbur


  • How many senses do you know?
  • Five senses


  • Silly Bananas

Music and Movement

  • Hot potato 
  • Don't wake the monkey

Other Activities

  • Messy Play - Hand and finger painting
  • Fine Motor - Playdough cutting and cutting paper along a line, braille play dough names
  • Craft - Shakers from plastic bottles and drums out of tin cans, completed their glasses for Eliie the elephant, watercolour painting

Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies this week we had so much fun celebrating Lag B’Omer. We sang songs and watched the bonfire, and later had special toasted marshmallows and apple juice with our snack! Next week we will begin to explore Shavuot!


We continued to learn about colours; we combined different colours to form new colours, and we also learned some new colour songs.

Reminders and Notices

  • Please bring in a tin can for your child so that they are able to make a drum
  • Monday - Show and Tell
  • Tuesday - Library (Please return books)

Shabbat Shalom

Kindest Regards,

Miss Amber