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Dear Nursery S Parents,

This week we started to wrap up our unit of inquiry. We recapped what we learned about different tastes. We then began our summative task which involves sitting one on one with the children assessing their understanding of the different senses and how their knowledge and understanding has progressed from the pre-assessment. We have also been learning about Kelso's choices; a conflict management system that ties into the school's efforts to support positive behaviour. We learned about the difference between big and small problems with Kelso the frog, as well as the different positive choices the children can make around small problems. We will continue with this into next week too and the children will bring home a choice wheel that they have made. Please follow the link if you would like to learn more about Kelso's choices method https://kelsoschoice.com/ 


  • Basic addition
  • Number recognition
  • Recap on 2 shapes and their properties


  • Macca the Alpaca
  • It wasn't me - learning about honesty

Music and Movement

  • If you're happy and you know it
  • I am the music man
  • Three Blind Mice
  • Do you like broccoli ice cream?

Other Activities

  • Fine Motor - Playdough play, sticker art
  • Craft - Easel painting, drawing, Kelso's choice wheel

Jewish Studies

This week in Jewish Studies we started inquiring into the Mezuza. We loved learning different songs about a mezuza and practiced writing with a feather. It was a lot of fun! 


In this week's Mandarin lesson, we reviewed what we learned before. We sang songs, we told stories, and we played games.

Notices and Reminders

  • Please return library books! 
  • Tuesday 15 June is Pyjama Day - Children should wear pyjamas to school and bring any cuddly toys, blanket, pillow, torch etc. The children will also be making tie dye t-shirts, thanks to the PTA
  • Wednesday 16 June is Water Fun Day - Children should arrive in swimwear, and bring a towel and waterproof shoes.

Shabbat Shalom

Kindest Regards,

Miss Amber