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Dear Nursery S Parents,

It was a fantastic week getting back into the swing of things! The children arrived excited and refreshed after the break and a fun week was had by all. We continued inquiring into our unit with the central idea “the food we eat comes from many different places". We recapped what we had previously learned about food; the various categories; where different foods grew and the parts that make up a plant. We then conducted an investigation into the difference between fruit and vegetables! We established that a fruit has a seed and can be eaten as food! The children were amazed as we cut open various fruit/vegetables and discovered that some “vegetables" were in fact fruit! We further inquired into the origins of food and established that food comes from farms. We discovered different kinds of specialist shops, eg bakeries, butcheries, and greengrocers. As a class, we voted on a class shop and the majority wanted a pizza shop! The pizza shop is currently "under construction" and will be ready early next week - Very exciting!

Arts and Crafts

Easel painting and fruit and veg stamping.


  • Counting  
  • Paired number bingo with a focus on teamwork.
  • Ordering from big to small

Fine Motor

We developed our finger strength and hand-eye coordination through beading.



This week’s PE was ultra-fun; each child had their own blown-up balloon! We practiced throwing and catching, hitting the balloon up, and never letting it touch the ground (the floor is LAVA!!), we passed the balloon to each other, hopped with it between our legs, and lots more fun!


This week in Mandarin, we learned about some of the names of the food, we sang songs, and had storytime.

Jewish Studies

This week in Jewish Studies we prepared for and celebrated Purim! We had so much fun making our Rashans, and loved our Purim Parade with our costumes today! The children all really enjoyed the Purim celebration today all looked amazing in their Purim Costumes.

Notices and Reminders

  • Show and Tell - Monday
  • Library - Tuesday (please remember to return the library book)
  • PE - Thursday
  • 15th and 22nd March - Parent-Teacher Conference

Have a great weekend and Happy Purim Everyone!

Shabbat Shalom 

Miss Amber and Miss Josie