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Dear Nursery S Families,

This week we started our new unit of inquiry! We started off by assessing the children's prior knowledge which has been interesting. The children know some of the processes that raw vegetables undergo to the final product such as growing a potato, boiling, and roasting it in the oven. They were able to tell me that milk comes from cows and the milk truck! The children also told me that food comes from different countries such as South Africa, South Korea and Australia! Next week we will build on this prior knowledge and follow the children's interest on imported food. 


  • Categorising fruit and vegetables
  • Organising data through graphing


  • Why should I eat well? BY Claire Llewellyn
  • Oatmeal, by Diana Noonan
  • Never use a knife and fork by Neil Goddard and Nick Sharratt
  • Growing vegetable soup by Lois Ehlert
  • The enormous potato by Susan Petricic


  • Full body stretching and moving like animals
  • The floor is lava

Other Activities

  • Fine Motor - Spaghetti and cheerios threading and different play dough foods on our play dough mat!
  • Art and Craft
    • fruit bowl
    • Painting food pictures


In this week's Mandarin lessons, we have focused on fruit. We discussed the names of different fruits their shape and colour. We also read stories and sang fruit songs together!

Jewish Studies

This week in Jewish Studies we have started to explore the different Brachot that we say on foods!

Shabbat Shalom!

Kindest Regards,

Miss Amber