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Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are

Central Idea: We use our senses to explore and understand the world around us.  

Lines of Inquiry: Our senses, How our senses help us learn, Ways people adapt when senses are limited. 

Key Concepts: Change, Function, Connection.

Attributes: Risk Taker, Balanced

Unit of Inquiry: It’s been crazy busy week…

To start with a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Pre-K for a FABULOUS graduation on Thursday. We are all so proud of the children and the effort they put in.  They participated with such enthusiasm and excitement. It was such a wonderful way to end the year. As we were so proud them the children all got to move their ‘BEES’ straight to the beehive and get 2 prizes each!! We also filled out 'Sweet Treat' jar and they got to enjoy 4 kosher gummies each with their snack and a special graduation cupcake.

This week we dove into inquiring about the sense of taste….

  • We introduced the concept of taste and had a discussion about what part of our body we taste with and how we actually taste.
  • We the introduced the 4 taste sensation zones that our tongue has; sweet sour salty and bitter
  • We then let the children taste some food from each taste zone; dark chocolate, Lays potato chips, lemon juice and a candy. We asked them to guess which taste zone each one came from before and after tasting them
  • We watched some YouTube videos about the sense of taste and how our tongue
  • Taste testing – with a blindfolded to take away the sense of sight and heighten the sense of taste, the children tasted 8 different foods 2 from each taste zone.  They then had to say which taste zone each food came from, and what they think it was
  • Senses summative task – an assessment to see how much of an understanding each child had from the 5 senses. The children stuck pictures of different senses into the correct senses square.

We read; Smell Peter The Great Pea Eater, Have You Filled A Bucket Today?


  • Fine motor activities – button threading race, play dough cutting (a favourite) card pegging
  • Math – dominos, button to number object matching, card games
  • More practice, practice, practice of our songs for our end of year Pre-K Graduation!
  • Graduation! The children were all spectacular and we are so proud of them
  • Music and Movement – we sang and danced to some of our favourite songs as well as a couple of new ones
  • Library – we collected all books this week. If you still have a library book at home please send it back before the end of term.

Jewish Studies

This week in Jewish Studies we started inquiring into the Mezuza. We loved learning different songs about a mezuza and practiced writing with a feather. It was a lot of fun! 


In this week's Mandarin lesson, we reviewed what we learned before. We sang songs, we told stories, and we played games.

Please Note/ Reminders

  • Public Holiday - No school 14th June – Dragon Boat Festival
  • Library Books – Please return all library books before the end of the school year

·         Tuesday 15th June - Pajama Day! Please send your child to school in their pajamas! 

·         Wednesday 16th June - Wet fun day! Please send your child to school in their school uniform and send in their swimsuit, a towel and some flip flops in a separate bag (ALL NAMED).

Have a great long weekend!

Shabbat Shalom

Ms. Adele and Ms. Annie