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Unit of Inquiry: Sharing The Planet

Central Idea: People can have an impact on the ocean.

Lines of Inquiry: What lives in the ocean, How people impact the ocean. Our responsibility towards the ocean.  

Key Concepts: Form, Change, Responsibility.

Attributes: Thinker, Inquirer, Reflective.

Wow what a busy week!  We started our new Unit Of Inquiry ‘Sharing The Planet’. We spent the week unpacking our central idea and first line of inquiry.

Unit of Inquiry:

  • The children were all very surprised on Tuesday morning when we got to our classroom and it looked like the ocean and was full of rubbish!  They couldn’t understand what had happened!
  • We then spent time tuning in and finding out from the provocations around the room what our new unit of inquiry was really all about.  
  • We then had some discussions and the children expressed their thoughts, feelings and prior knowledge, and showed that they were not happy with what they were seeing.
  • Pre - Assessment – the children looked at a variety of photos of different kinds of oceans; clean and polluted with rubbish and described what was happening in the photos and which kind of ocean they preferred.
  • Ocean animal drawing - the children chose an ocean animal that they liked and drew a picture of it.
  • What lives in the ocean? – Brain storming. The children shared what they thought live in the ocean, showing their prior knowledge.
  • ‘Ocean’ and ‘Land Animal’ sorting – The children sorted the plastic animals into groups, deciding where they thought they lived. They discovered that some animals live in both, which they were rather excited about.
  • Ocean Animal drawings.

We read

  • Is It A Fish?
  • Who Lives In the Friendly Sea
  • I Can Save The Ocean


  • Fine motor activities –  Pipettes - Water transfer, Kinect sand, Coloured bead sorting, Golf tee marbles.
  • Math games – Number sequencing game 0 – 20, counting and number recognition to 20, counting backwards from 10.
  • Music and Movement – I am a Robot! Under the sea, Dance like a sea animal under the sea!


We started off our P.E lesson with a gentle jog around the gym focusing on being different animals and using different movements to show each animal as we warmed up; flying like a bird, hopping like a frog, crawling like a bear galloping like a horse etc,. We then looked at some ’ocean animal’ action cards and the children were asked to demonstrate how they thought each animal would move and moved around the gym as each animal sharing their ideas. We then played a game where we turned the cards upside down and spread them around the gym and the children had to run and find a card, turn it over make the movement on the card before turning it back over and running to the next one.  They all enjoyed pretending to be the different ocean animals at the same time as exercising.

Jewish Studies

 In Jewish Studies this week we have continued exploring the 6 days of Creation. We have had fun engaging with our Creation discovery table, and spent time inquiring into Days 3 and 4 of Creation! 


This week in Mandarin, we started to talk about families, we learnt our different family member`s names in Mandarin. The children shared their family photos, and we also learned a lovely song about family.

Please Note/Reminders

  • November 13 - Professional Development – Early finish 12pm
  • November 19 and 24 Parent Teacher Conferences
  • REMINDER – Please make sure to take your child’s temperature at home before coming to school in the morning and record in on their temperature sheet with the; date, time taken, temperature and signature.  This sheet will then be checked by staff in the morning before taking their temperature again. This is a GOVERNMENT requirement.