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Dear Parents,

This week, albeit a short week, was very busy few days, full of fun activities especially as the children prepared themselves for Rosh Hashana! On Monday we enjoyed a Rosh Hashana party, where we had many risk-takers who tried all the different foods offered. The children were fantastic at learning all their bracha's and discussing the reasoning behind why we eat the foods and the order of the foods over this celebration. 

This week in PE, the children broke into groups and continued working on their team work skills. They began to gain an understanding of relay's and how to take turns attempting the obstacles. They had running, balancing and jumping; a really big focus on their coordination skills. 

This week we have really introduced early literacy by using books, letter stickers, stamps and stencils to practice writing and drawing letters. We have been doing an excellent job at writing our names in the morning as a part of their self registration! Well done, Pre-K S!

Finally we have had continued our focus on mindfulness and gratitude. We practiced trying to get in touch with our surrounding world by stopping, thinking and sensing what is going on around us. We thoroughly enjoyed stopping and listening, trying to hear different sounds when we are completely quiet. We will continue this focus again next week, as we incorporate a bit more of a recap on our emotions. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead.
Shabbat Shalom!

Steph Julian 

Jewish Studies:

In Jewish Studies this week we had so much fun at our Rosh Hashana Seder! We had the chance to have apples and honey, pomegranate, carrots, dates and candy fish head! We also started to inquire into Sukkot and will continue to do so next week - if you have any relevant materials at home please send them in! - Morah Shoshana


This week in Mandarin, we told a story named I see animals. The children tried to talk using the sentence pattern 'I see...' - Ms. Vivian

- Early dismissal Wednesday 15 September (11:00am)
- No school Thursday 16 September
- Please return your library books 
- Please return your Mandarin book each Monday as so Ms. Vivian can update the book accordingly