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Dear Parents,

This week in Pre-K S we started our week with our fantastic Tashlich trip to Sun Yat Sen Park. This was a great learning opportunity for the children as they rounded up their past year and started their new year. We had such a great time and it was particularly nice to be out on a field trip at long last! 

This week we also continued looking into our mindfulness and wellbeing. We have taken more time to do mindfulness exercises, including some of the brain gym exercises. These are great ways to help children warm their brains up, bringing awareness to aligning our brain and body. Follow this link to see some of the brain gym exercises that we have practiced at school. On top of this, we looked closely at the story 'The Colour Monster', matching colours with emotions. We discussed what colour makes them happy and what makes them feel happy. 

As we continue looking into letters and sounds, the children have engaged in some fun activities related to this. They were really taken by the book 'Chicka Chicka, Boom Boom' which is a fun way to introduce those letters and their sounds. I was pleased to see the children working hard at the activity of matching upper and lowercase letters whilst decorating their Chicka Chicka Boom Boom poster. 

During maths this week, we have been revising our shapes and colours, playing lots of games where we are to match, sort and pattern with these shapes and colours. I've been very impressed with their skills and willingness to develop these skills. We finished this study, by looking into the mixing of colours. This was so much fun making and painting with all the new colours we created.

I'd like to wish you all a happy and restful break ahead and I look forward to welcoming the children back in the classroom on the 4th of October, where we will start our first unit of inquiry 'Who We Are' - An understanding of self helps humans flourish throughout life.

Shabbat shalom and Chag Sameach 

Warm regards,

Steph Julian

Wishing Tamara a very happy birthday on the 24th!

Jewish Studies:
In Jewish Studies this week we had fun in our inquiry into Sukkot. We spent time making our own Sukkah crafts, and visited the Ohel Leah Sukkah. We sang songs and explored the Arba Minim. Wishing everyone a Chag Sameach! - Morah Shoshana

We reviewed what we have learned in the few past weeks. We made a craft about what animals we recognised - Ms Vivian

- Please return your library books after the break so we can continue borrowing books.
- Sukkot break - September 20th until October 1st. School returning Monday October 4th