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What a wonderful first week we've had back at school! The children have been so excited to be back with their friends and have jumped straight back into their school routine. This week we continued looking at our Unit of Inquiry 'Where Our Food Comes From.' We revised what we had been learning about how our food is harvested and grown, and continued by looking deeply into where other foods come from. We focused on dairy and how many different food products come from cows. The children took part in some messy play, learning how to milk cows, using a glove and white water. Following this activity, the children then used cream, a jar and a marble to shake their own butter. This was such a fun, yet labour intensive exercise. We had great results and the children felt enthusiastic to try this at their homes. 

This week in maths, the children have been introduced to early addition. We used Purim masks, stickers and dice, to roll, count and decorate. The children rolled two numbers and used those amount of stickers to decorate their masks. They then counted the total number of stickers they used. This was such a fun way to solve these early addition problems.

This week in Jewish Studies we prepared for and celebrated Purim! We had so much fun making and our Rashans, and loved our Purim Parade with our costumes today! Purim Sameach everyone! - Morah Shoshana

This week in Mandarin, we learned about some of the names of the food, we sang songs and had a story time. - Ms Vivian

Today we had such a fun time during our Purim celebrations. The children all looked fantastic in their vibrant costumes. They all enjoyed their celebrations and joined in with such enthusiasm. Wishing you all a Purim Sameach and a wonderful weekend ahead.