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Welcome back to eLearning! This week the kids have jumped straight back into their eLearning and have worked hard at all their activities. Well done Pre-K S!

This week we began our new unit, 'How the World Works' - The food we eat comes from many different places.

During this unit our lines of inquiry are:

  1. The types of food we eat
  2. How our food is grown or made
  3. Where our food comes from

This week we really started focusing on different kinds of foods, especially looking at describing types of foods and collecting data of our likes and dislikes. We found it especially funny to see what the different teachers at the JCC like and dislike!

Through our maths lessons, we began exploring how to collect and graph different data, especially focusing on counting and colouring bar graphs. The students did a wonderful job of grasping this new concept. 

During PE, we really got our bodies moving whilst we made different shapes of foods and made the different movements of foods!! Not only did this keep our bodies nice and warm, it was very amusing to try to make the different shapes.

Next week, the children will continue to explore our new unit, slowly unpacking more into our lines of inquiry. We have some very fun and exciting things to do next week, so make sure you come and collect your take home pack from the JCC!

Keep up the great work, Pre-K S!

Have a great weekend!

Steph Julian