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Dear Parents,

This week in Pre-K S we have continued studying our Unit of Inquiry - Our 5 Senses, looking closely at the sense of sight. As we have been digging deep into the sense of sight, we began to look at the light and started making connections with light and sight. For our Science lesson, the children researched how to make a homemade 'light box'. We watched a YouTube video and worked out what materials were needed and learnt the method of how to make it. We got the materials and separated into 3 small groups, and worked together to each make their own lightbox. I was so impressed to see how well all of the teams worked together and completed the task with such accuracy and teamwork. Well done, Pre-K S!

During maths this week, we have been revising our number recognition, particularly focusing on numbers from 20-30. We've played fun games such as 'find the missing number' and 'number bingo'. We will continue with these activities next week.

For PE this week we played a fun warm up game of Dodgeball. I was so impressed to see the children demonstrate such agility and skill in order to avoid the balls. Well done! After this warm up, we continued integrating our unit of inquiry without our sense of sight and played a really fun game of Marco Polo. 

We have worked hard at fine-motor development this week, focusing on our cutting skills. We've used different materials to practice our cutting, and will continue this onto next week.

Please be reminded that show and tell is on Wednesday's and Library is on Thursday's. If your child would like to bring in something for show and tell, they can bring in anything related to the unit, or something they are able to present about. Show and Tell is to boost children's confidence in speaking, as well as gaining a better understanding of questioning. 

Wishing you all a great weekend ahead.
Shabbat shalom

Steph and Vasudha 

In Jewish Studies this week we had so much fun celebrating Lag B’Omer. We sang songs and watched the bonfire, and later had special toasted marshmallows and apple juice with our snack! Next week we will begin to explore Shavuot! - Morah Shoshana

We continued to learn what we liked to do in Mandarin. We played games and told stories to review what we have learned. - MS Vivian