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Interview conducted by Isabella Ricklow Grade 10

What is your favourite thing about being a teacher?
My favorite thing about being a teacher is when a student has a “eureka!” moment. It’s really rewarding to watch students understand a difficult concept for the first time. Beyond that, I always enjoy having meandering conversations with students and hearing your ideas. I’m always impressed by students’ creativity and ability to think outside the box.

When did you start teaching? 
I became interested in teaching during university. I spent quite a bit of time tutoring statistics and other subjects I enjoyed. Eventually I realized I enjoyed the teaching part more than the statistics, and so after graduation I went straight into teaching. I eventually decided to move to Hong Kong, and this is my second year here now. I don’t regret my choices at all and am happy things turned out the way they did.

What is it like being in Elsa High School so far?
Elsa High School has offered me a very warm welcome. There is a very unique atmosphere here as a Jewish Community School, and I think that’s a great thing. I especially love how I am able to teach a wide range of grades--it gives me the opportunity to get to know the majority of Elsa students.

What are your passions as well as being a teacher?
In addition to teaching, I’m a big fan of being outdoors. I love hiking, gardening, and beekeeping--though the last two can be tough in Hong Kong! My dream would be to split my time between Hong Kong and Buryatia, a region in Russia north of Mongolia. I’d love to have a small farm there.