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We are delighted to announce exceptional attainment and personal achievement with a 100% pass rate, two students achieving a perfect score of 45/45 and two of our students also earning Bilingual Diplomas for showing native proficiency in two languages. 

This Class achieved a Carmel School record overall cohort average of 38.886.6% of full Diploma students achieved 36 points or more, with 47% attaining over 40 points and 26% attaining 44 or 45 points.

Principal Mrs. Rachel Friedmann: “In these unprecedented two years, each and every Elsa DP student has shown sustained grit and determination in the face of adversity. Additionally and perhaps more importantly, supported by dedicated faculty, they have focused on wellbeing, caring for and supporting each other throughout. They should be immensely proud of their effort and attainment throughout the course of their studies.”