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The Holly Rofé Early Learning Centre and ELC will be closed for deep cleaning and disinfection on Monday 16 November. Following that, we are presenting you the following options, to commence from Tuesday 17 November:

Emergency Care

The Holly Rofé Early Learning Centre and ELC premises remain open and staffed. Parents with no alternative childcare may bring their child/ren to the JCC where we are authorised to provide Emergency Care (not normal classes) for these specific children.

If you wish to sign up for Emergency Care, please note that it will be under the current time schedule as face-to-face classes. Children attending Emergency Care will have to abide by CHP and School guidelines, including submitting a daily health form. The School reserves the right to send home any children who display mild symptoms. If you need the support of the Emergency Care provision according to the EDB guidelines, please indicate on the form below. 

Learning at Home (eLearning)

A home based eLearning programme following the eLearning applied at the start of this Academic Year. The programme would be based on blended learning and home packets. A minimum number of students will be required in order for this to run.

Keeping Your Child at Home

We understand that you may wish to keep your child at home during this specified period. Please let us know if this is the case. 

Please note that should the suspension be extended beyond the 14 days we will adapt our provision and fees accordingly and you will be notified.