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Dvar Torah

[Dvar Torah] Mishpatim

This week's Parsha is Mishpatim, which means "laws” or "judgements". In this Parsha, Moshe details many of G-d’s laws to the Jewish people. These include laws about worshiping other gods, kashrut, business ethics and treatment of animals. 

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[Dvar Torah] Yitro

This week's parasha is Yitro and it raises the question: how can it be that the parasha in which the children of Israel receive the Torah is named after Yitro - a person? What special quality did he possess that he was rewarded in this way?

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[Dvar Torah] Beshalach

This week’s Parsha is Parsha Beshalach. There are few founding events in the Parsha: the parting of the sea; Moses’ thankful song of the sea; G-d miraculously giving the Isrealites water to appease their thirst; G-d causing manna to rain down from the sky every morning around the camp; and the providing of quails during evening to feed the Israelites.

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