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ELC Hoppers Newsletter (26 November)

We continued the theme of "Food" this week, and we talked about what food is healthy and unhealthy. We had fun moving various kinds of pasta into containers. We also made paintbrushes with spaghetti, and we even created our own playdoh with flour. 


  • 10 Apples up on Top
  • I Don't Like Peas
  • Chocolate Chippo Hippo


  • 10 Apples on my head
  • On Top of Spaghetti 
  • 5 Little Peas

Arts and Crafts:

  • Peas - paper plate, green paper, glue, and paint
  • Spaghetti- paper plate, yarn, brown paper, glue, and paint
  • Donut - paper plate, paint, confetti, and glue
  • Eggs on a pan - paper plate, construction paper, popsicle stick, color, and glue

Notices and Reminders:

Next week we will start a new theme "Winter".

We'll see you all next week! Enjoy your weekend!

Ms. Dorothy & Ms. Ruth