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ELC Hoppers Newsletter (7 October)

We had lots of fun learning about our "Emotions” these couple of weeks. Through various of stories and songs we learned how to identify and name different our feelings. We tried distinguishing different emotions by looking at ourselves in the mirror, our friend's and other people's facial expression and actions. We also learned how to express some negative feelings in the correct way. We explored many different materials in arts and craft and sensory play. We had a blast with messy play! We threw and slide cotton paint balls around the classroom and got very messy!

Stories they enjoyed:

  • The Color Monster
  • When I am Happy
  • I Can Say Sorry
  • Sometimes I am Angry
  • Sometimes I am Worried

Songs they love to sing and dance to:

  • If You're Happy and You Know It
  • If You're Happy
  • Emotions Song
  • My Happy Song
  • Everything is Going to Be Alright
  • This is a Happy Face

Fun arts and craft activities:

  • Happy Monster
  • Sad Monster
  • Angry Monster
  • Scared Monster

Mandarin songs and stories:

Have a great holiday!

Ms. Dorothy, Ms. Princess and Ms. Lila