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ELC Walkers Newsletter (18 November)

During the past few weeks we continued to learn about our animal theme, focusing on animals who live at the zoo and on the farm. We went to the zoo and stomped like the elephants do, jumped like the kangaroos do and swung like the monkeys do. On the farm we learned the different sounds each animal makes and cleaned the “muddy animals “.


  • Lets go to the zoo
  • Do the Monkey
  • Walking in the Jungle
  • Old Macdonald Had a Farm 
  • The Farmer in the dell
  • Mary had a little lamb 
  • Chicken Dance
  • 5 Little Ducks 

Arts & Crafts

  • Tiger Mask 
  • Put the stripes on the tiger
  • Rainbow Elephant
  • Muddy Pig
  • Cow Face 
  • Wooly Sheep 


  • Dear Zoo
  • Old Macdonald Had a zoo?
  • Noisy Farm 
  • On the Farm
  • Hello Farm!

Mandarin Songs & Stories 

songs:    麦叔叔有个农场    学学动物体操    要是你去动物园


  • 我们去动物园
  • Good Night Gorilla
  • Dear Zoo
  • Funny Farm
  • What Do You See?

Have a great weekend ahead!

Warm Wishes,

Ms . Carly, Ms. Aha & Ms. Lila