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5S Newsletter (14 January)

Dear Parents, 


First of all, thank you so much for supporting your child/children during this challenging time. Your support has made this week a lot more bearable than it could have been! 5S had a fantastic start with online learning today and was very lucky to have two volunteers, Odaya and Noa, responsible for recording what we learned in class throughout this week. Here is what G5S has been up to this week:


This week, we learned about the area and how to calculate it. First, Ms Sharon showed us a BrainPop Jr video. Subsequently, we filled out a seesaw task which included different geometric shapes, and we had to find out the length and the width. We multiplied the numbers together to get the area as soon as we found that. On Tuesday, we played a fun and fresh game in our math rotation, the game was called "Area Dice Game". We had to pick a partner and choose one person's math book. Then we rolled two dice each; the numbers that we got were going to be our square or rectangle lines. We each took turns to roll the dice. The smaller number that we got would be the rectangle's width, and the bigger number would be the length of the shape. Then we found out the area by multiplying the two numbers together.


On Monday, we spent time correcting our editing homework about sand sundaes. We didn't realize this text type was procedural writing until we went over the answers together. Then, we also practised our reading comprehension skills by using Raz-Kids. In addition, we did our first spelling test in 2022. We did our peer spelling test on Tuesday and wrote down our new spelling words. We also started our draft for our procedural writing about how to play our chosen game and typed up our final work through Google Slides. Finally, on Thursday (instead of Wednesday as we were busy preparing for the online learning), we did our literacy rotations, allowing us to read a chapter book (George's Marvellous Medicine) with Ms Sharon and practised our new spelling words.


For homework, we had to revise the scientific method and complete a simple experiment at home. The experiment was the pencil in a bag experiment. We had to poke pencils through a plastic bag full of water. 

On Wednesday, we prepared and led our morning meeting. The Zoologists researched and shared about the Megladon sharks, which are extinct already. The Explorers inquired into Paraguay from South America, and the News team found and summarized what's happening with kindergarten and primary schools in Hong Kong. The Wordsmith's word of the day was "Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis" - the longest word in the world. Mathemagicians made word problems about time and multiplication! 


Since Wednesday, we have been swamped with preparation for online learning! We first discussed the pros and cons of online learning and reflected on what we can do better. This discussion helped us brainstorm what we need to remind each other when learning online. By Thursday, we all made sure we gathered everything we needed for e-learning and practised how to get in and out of Google Meets.

The first day of online learning went great! We first reviewed the essential agreements of e-learning which we brainstormed on Wednesday. After that, we took three different class photos - one of them was a class photo of avatars of ourselves that we made using this app/website called PIXTON.

Important reminders: 

* Please notify the office by 9 am if there are bus/ walker changes. Always Cc the admin in on emails regarding these changes -

* For the Chinese New Year Assembly, the Chinese Department would like to ask for your help with sending a family photo of everyone in a traditional Chinese outfit or anything red. Please email your family photo to by Wednesday, 19th January. For further information, please check the school website. 

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Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend, 

Shabbat Shalom

Ms Sharon