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Grade 1 Weekly Update (26 November)


Wednesdays - Bus and Car Drop Off in Playground
7:30 to 7:50 Students have an outside start in the playground.

We are learning about volunteering.  Please talk to your child or email me any examples of community service and volunteering your family has done. :)


The students wrote about different responsibilities they have at home and at school. We read some books on EPIC about being a good citizen and different community helpers. 


We wrapped up our unit on place value.  We learned to identify the value of an underlined digit.  Such as 82 means the 8 represent the value of 80 because of the place it is in (tens place).  We rotated around some fun stations where students did puzzles, sorting, matching, recording and identifying place value using words, base ten block pictures, numerals and expanded form addition sentences. 


We learned more about being a responsible, respectful member of a community through BrainPop Jr - Rules, Rights and Responsibilities in a community, as well as through Pebble Go database non-fiction texts about being a good citizen, respect, responsibility, cooperation and volunteering. 


ICT - the students watched a video about rules and laws in the community, they played a Kahoot game to test their knowledge and memory!

Library - the students learned about the interconnectedness of different community helpers, buildings and transportation systems through a fun book about a snowplough helper the members of a community get to the places they needed to after a snow storm. 

Shabbat Shalom,

Andrea Edwards