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Grade 2 Weekly Overview (26 November)

Happy Friday! We have had another very successful week from wearing your house best to school photos. We are excited to see our class photos soon. 

Here's what we did this week:

Math: Students learned about transformation in geometry, how to slide, flip and rotate different 2D shapes which led us into tessellation. Tessellation means creating a pattern of shapes that fit together without overlapping. They created their own tessellation patterns and transformation monsters to support the learning of these concepts. 

Literacy: Students learned how to plan their personal narrative based on a big idea. They also learned that a good writer could think of many ways to show the feelings of a character as well as describe what happened using the 5 senses. Next week they will "bump up" their personal narrative by adding feelings and senses to their writing to make it more interesting. Furthermore, students learned about compound words. Grade 2 completed their information reports about their assigned insects!

Inquiry: Students explored and discussed what would happen if there are no more insects in the world. They learned about the causes of the rapid decline in insects over the last decade, and how they may take action to help protect the endangered insects.

Important reminders: 

  1. Please notify the office by 9:00am if there are bus/ walker changes. Always Cc the admin in on emails regarding these changes brcadmin@carmel.edu.hk 
  2. NO TOYS at school, please! 
  3. PE is on Tuesday and Thursday.
  4. Everyday pack your child a big water bottle, a fresh fruit/vegetable snack, extra masks, and a change of clothing(accidents may happen, even in Grade 2)
  5. Library is every Thursday.
  6. Starting this week, the drop-off point will be in the playground on Wednesday. The bus and parents will drop off the students in the playground with their school bags. 

Thank you,

Shabbat Shalom