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Grade 2 Weekly Overview (16 September)

It's been a quick and productive week for Grade 2! Here's what we did this week.


Math: Students reviewed place value this week. They were asked to write down the standard form of a number by looking at the number blocks shown in the hundreds, tens and ones columns.

Literacy: Students did a spelling assessment. They also learned to use adjectives to describe pictures. 

Inquiry: We focused on the third line of inquiry -How to keep going when things get tough. Students wrote down the "big problems and small problems" they faced in their everyday life and they learned about the importance of resilience. They were introduced to different strategies, such as changing their negative thoughts into positive ones, to help them keep going even when things get tough.


We gave out homework for this week. Students have also taken a leveled reader home. Please encourage your child to read every day. We will collect the homework from them on Monday.

We recommend students to have their PE hats in their bags so that they could use them during the hot days outside.

Please see the following message from Miss Sukhmani.