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Grade 3 eLearning Update (21 January)

Week 1 of eLearning is in the books and it was a very busy time! This week your child was introduced to two new concepts in math; perimeter and area. They spent time finding both the perimeter and area of squares and rectangles. We also spent time reviewing how to tell time on an analogue clock. We reviewed multiplication and introduced the children to Da Vinci journaling; a creative way to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of a concept. 

We continued to explore elements of story writing and this week we focused on character development. We started by reading the story Rotten Richie and the Ultimate Dare. As they were listening to the story the children were asked to focus either on what Richie was like on the inside (kind, empathetic, mean, rude) and what he was like on the outside (freckles, red hair, skinny, tall). They were also asked to determine if Richie changed at all from the beginning of the story to the end. 
The children then had to create their own character for a story. They had to draw the character and write down all the traits that this character displays on the inside and on the outside. They wrote a few lines to introduce their character as they might do it within their story. 

During our unit of inquiry lessons this week we took a look at computers as an invention that has both impacted our lives and has changed a lot over time. The children were introduced to a variety of inventors who played an integral part in the development of early computers. 

Students were given their summative task for this unit. For their task, students have been asked to design or invent something that can help someone they love complete a challenging task. Your child is armed with 3 interview questions that they will ask their loved one in order to help them with the first part of the task. We will complete the summative task next week. 

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Cain