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Grade 3 Newsletter (16 September)

This week was short but intense! Below is a summary of our week: 

Math: Students had lessons on traditional addition and subtraction with and without regrouping, and learned new mental math strategies like doubles, near doubles, and the jump strategy. 

Literacy: There were multiple links with our UOI where students are learning about relationships and identity through short stories. This week, students listened to the story ‘The Name Jar’ and discussed the links to our unit and the story elements. We focused on character traits, specifically identifying the difference between physical (outside) versus emotions (inside). This extended into the writer’s workshop where students learned the definition and elements of a short story. Students also learned why writers write (authors' purpose) and what good writers do. The class also learned a new reading comprehension strategy of comparing and contrasting and creating a venn diagram, by using the details from a text about Korea and ‘The Name Jar’. 

Unit of Inquiry: We wrapped up lines 1 and 2 about identity and relationships by determining how our relationships differ and change in our family, school and our broader community. Towards the end of the week, we began focusing on lines 3 and 4, about ‘How to keep going when things get tough’ and ‘How to accept and reflect on challenges'. This was initially introduced in Wellbeing with a mini-lesson on positive affirmations. Students watched a short video and then wrote ten personal affirmations that they want to achieve. A positive affirmation will be selected randomly from each student and recited by the class until every student has shared at least one to help motivate the class and reinforce their lines of inquiry.   


  • We recommend that on hot days during recess and PE, your child wear the Carmel PE hat 
  • Students received their second week of homework on Wednesday, which is due on Monday
  • Please see the attached flyer from our ICT coordinator
  • Please see the attached information from the Hebrew/Jewish Studies team regarding the Rosh Hashanah video 

Thanks again to the PTA for providing students with an amazing Tuck Shop today.

We hope that you have a good weekend! 

Shabbat Shalom, 

Ms. Hammond and Mr. Cabanilles