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Grade 4 Newsletter (16 September)

We had just four days to work together this week due to the Bank Holiday and everyone has a lot of energy from their extended weekend! We out that energy to good use, exploring some new areas and introducing some new Maths concepts.

Here is the weekly newsletter written by this week's Class Journalist, Henry Amos-Marks. Thank you Henry!

Teacher Summary:

Unit of Inquiry: We unpacked the word healthy and discussed what it means to each of us. We explored ways of ensuring a healthy body, mind and heart, with the students designing some colourful mind maps to show our thoughts and opinions. We created a display as a class to show examples of healthy and unhealthy habits and we discussed some scenarios to see how we could apply a Growth mindset.

Maths: We reviewed our addition and subtraction before introducing some strategies to help with the calculations. These included split, jump, rounding and using number lines. We also did some extra practice with some mental maths using these strategies, but only in our heads.

Literacy: We introduced our novel 'Charlotte's Web' and read the first two chapters. We discussed the plot, settings and characters with some concept check questions to assess comprehension. We also wrote down three goals for our year together to ensure we maintain healthy minds, bodies and hearts.

Other: Last week, we decoded a sentence using an alphabet code using emojis. Throughout this week, the students developed their own code and wrote sentences about our UOI focus. Today, we exchanged our codes and sentences for other to work out and even tried writing sentences using other people's codes.

Additional Information and Reminders:

  • We recommend students bring their PE hats to school on hot days to use during recess and PE lessons.

 Please read the ICT department information provided below.

Please also see the following information about a Rosh Hashanah video collaboration.

Have a lovely weekend.

Shabbat Shalom

Lee Fitzpatrick