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Kindergarten Weekly Review (26 November)

Math: On Monday we introduced the kindergarten children to number bonds.  We explored the number bonds through clothespins, ten frames, animal toys, and ice cream cutouts. We also challenged  the students to create their own number bonds to twenty during group activity time.  We are very proud of the children’s number sense skills, good job!

Literacy: We learned the formation of the capital letters W and X and revised all capitals learned thus far.  We read levelled books with our “Eagle Eyes” and practiced writing simple sentences using  sight words “the, I, am, it, is”.  We continued blending/segmenting sounds, enjoyed reading during literacy centres and used our research skills on the Epic reading app.    

Wellbeing:  We inquired into the learner profile attribute, reflective through the book “Those Shoes". A wonderful story of a poor boy who gifted a pair of shoes to a friend in need.   We had a group discussion  on what it means to be reflective, created a word web with our ideas, and began setting goals for the school year.

Inquiry:  We read a storybook “Helping Out is Cool”, a beautiful rhyming tale on ways to help the people and places in our community. We introduced new vocabulary; “volunteer” and “responsibility”. We worked together to create a word web with our ideas, and discussed ways we can show responsibility in our communities.  We wrote sentences, drew pictures, read books, and used our research skills online learning more about our community in a transdisciplinary way.

STUDENT ACTION: We discussed how important it is to contribute to our community and the children suggested ways to volunteer. Some ideas were beach and park clean-ups, recycling and doing kind things for people in need. It would be wonderful if you could take some action in your community and send in pictures of this to share with the class. 

Chanukah Sameach

The Kindergarten Team