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Careers Fair Recap

The 2021 Elsa High School Careers Fair took place on 16 November, where over 20 experienced professionals, ranging from performing artists to corporate lawyers, provided personal stories of their pathway to success, and other fascinating aspects of their career, such as office politics, the impact of COVID, and the future of their respective industries given the rapid rise of AI and other technologies. 

A notable guest was BlackRock lawyer, Mr. Jeremy Litt, who started out in Human Rights law, then transitioned into corporate law. My group’s brief but valuable discussion with Mr. Litt gave us greater insight into the legal services industry, such as the gradual but impactful changes in how law firms are funded. A key quote from Mr. Litt, “No matter how cynical a person may be, everyone deserves the right to a good defence.” 

Another notable guest was General Practitioner Dr. Charles Brantly, who deals with countless hazardous patients on a daily basis. His riveting presentation commenced with a colourful slideshow of health conditions that were challenging on the eye, ranging from the before and after effects of applying steroid cream onto foot eczema, to removing a benign tumour from a person’s shoulder. Dr. Brantly’s main intention of his slideshow was to highlight a crucial skill that every doctor needs; being able to deal with dramatic circumstances while maintaining composure. He also addressed a flaw in society, where many patients struggle to seek medical help due to the stigmatisation of certain health conditions such as mental health issues and testicular cancer. A key quote from Dr. Brantly, “Everyone is open and willing to talk about their skin rash, but not everyone is open and willing to talk about their testicles.” This was especially pertinent as students at Elsa are raising funds for Movember - a men’s health charity. 

Many thanks to the PTA for organising this rare opportunity for students to interact with a diverse range of professionals. It was a truly inspirational afternoon, to meet with such accomplished and respectable individuals who help to shape the world we live in today. 

Scott, Grade 11