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Pre-K D eLearning news

Thank you for your patience and understanding this week as we moved the class to an e-learning format. The students and parents have worked hard to make adjustments this week as we digested the news and made preparations. They should be all set up now. They are learning to mute and unmute themselves and change backgrounds!!

Phonics: In phonics this week we introduced the sound of letter 'e'. Next week we will look at the letter 'h' sound.

Math:In math this week we continued our exploration of 2D and 3D shapes.Along with shapes we continued to develop mental math skills through math games. This will help in consolidating their knowledge.

Unit of Inquiry: This was the final week of our present unit of inquiry. We have summarised all our learning through crafts and discussions. Next week we will be focusing on Chinese New Year.

Please come in and pick up your take home packs for next week. There are lots of fun and exciting Chinese New Year activities for next week!

Dates to remember-

28 January - last day before CNY holidays.

Have a great weekend!

Shabbat Shalom

Divya Arora