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Pre-K D Newsletter (26 November)

Pre-K had another fun week of learning! It was nice to connect with parents during this week's PTCs.

Unit Of Inquiry-This week in Pre-K D we introduced children to our next unit of inquiry ‘Sharing Our Planet’ where we will be looking into our environment and how we have the responsibility to care for our environment.

Our lines of inquiry are:

  1. Our Environment 
  2. Our responsibility towards the environment.
  3. How our choices impact our world 

We began the week by  unpacking our central idea and lines of inquiry. We enjoyed a wonderful introduction whole group lesson . The children were asked about the provocations in the classroom. We looked into what is environment followed by  brain storming ways in which we can keep the earth happy. 

Phonics: This week in phonics, we revised the sounds that we have been looking at over the past month. Next week we will be looking at our next sound 'i'. 

Jewish Studies: In Jewish Studies this week we have been very busy preparing for Chanuka! We have each made our own Chanukia, we decorated our chanukah brachot, and we are getting ready for our Chanukah celebration in school next week! We are so excited to see you all there! -Morah Shoshana.

Mandarin:This week in Mandarin, we learned the four season's names. The children shared what season they like. We made a craft about snowman. We also learn a song about the seasons.-Ms.Vivian

Notices and Reminders

  • Tuesday is News and photos
  • Wednesday  is library - Please remember to return library books.
  • 29th November - Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 2nd December – Chanukah Celebration (Parents invited). Children should dress all in BLACK
  • 17th December - Last day of term.  School finishes at 12pm

Have a wonderful weekend 

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Chanukah!