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Pre-K S Newsletter (14 January)

These past two weeks at school, the children have been continuing their exploration into the Unit of Inquiry 'Sharing the Planet'. As we finished off how to recycle and the importance of recycling, we then moved onto how to be more sustainable. We started to put many different practices into play, such as turning off the light and electricity when we do not need to use it, being mindful of our water usage, reusing paper and other products, and we even designed our own sustainable, reusable bag. Covering only one of these lessons online, it was evident to me that our class have really embraced this unit and are starting to put these ideas into practices. Well done, Pre-K S.

Maths: We have now finished looking into 3D shapes, completing it with a 3D shape hunt. Moving on, we re-capped on counting and started to introduce simple addition and subtraction with holding a pretend 'charity shop', tying it together with what we have learnt in our unit of inquiry.

Phonics: These last two weeks we have been looking at the phonics sounds of 'c' and 'k'. The children did a wonderful job of thinking of words starting with this sound, as you can now see in their phonics books. Next week online, we will look at the 'e' sound.

I ask that you please try to keep anything in the small reusable bag as much as possible, so when we return to the classroom, the children can return with those important items. Thank you.

Wishing you all a good weekend ahead. 

Steph Julian