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Pre-K S Newsletter (26 November)

This week in Pre-K S we have jumped straight into our new Unit of Inquiry 'Sharing the Planet', where we will be looking into our environment and how we have the responsibility to care for our environment. Our lines of inquiry are:

  1. Our Environment 
  2. Our responsibility towards the environment
  3. How our choices impact our world 

This week as we introduced the unit, we started to unpack our first line of inquiry looking at understanding what is an environment. We went for an environmental walk into our garden, taking in all the feels, smells, sounds and sights of our environment. We found that we could feel the cool air on our skin, the water on our leaves, the loud sounds of construction and we started to collect some fallen leaves for our inquiry table. 

This week in phonics, we decided to revise the sounds that we have been looking at over the past month. Next week we will continue on with our phonics order, looking at our next sound 'i'. 

As we continue on with patterns, we incorporated a spontaneous revision into shapes. Our shape knowledge is good, as we proceed through the year, we will further this knowledge by beginning to look at 3D shapes. 

Jewish Studies:
In Jewish Studies this week we have been very busy preparing for Chanukah! We have each made our own Chanukia, we decorated our Chanukah brachot, and we are getting ready for our Chanukah celebration in school next week! We are so excited to see you all there! 

This week in Mandarin, we learned the four season's names. The children shared what season they like. We made a craft about snowman as we looked at the season of winter. We also learnt a song about the seasons.


  • Chanukah celebrations on Thursday 2 December at 9:00am. Please dress your child in all black clothing for this event. We look forward to seeing you there!!
  • Please return the library books so your child can borrow another book

On Thursday we wished Yuval a very happy 5th Birthday! The children enjoyed some lovely cookies and a fun pass the parcel game from Yuval's mum. Thank you!

Finally, we welcomed Ms. Wida into our class this week. She will be joining us over the next 8 weeks as she works on her teaching practice. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead. 

Shabbat shalom and Happy Chanukah!

Ms. Steph