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[Alumni] 19 for 19 by Eitan Fischer

Carmel School alumnus Eitan Fischer has published a non-fiction book about his experience growing up. 

Eitan Fischer lived in Hong Kong for 14 years, attended Carmel Elementary as a child, and then Elsa High School until the beginning of Grade 9, when he moved to Israel. After graduating from the international school near Tel Aviv last year, he set off on a gap year which he spent the bulk of writing a book. This non-fiction piece is about 19 things, he, as a 19-year-old, sees could be changed in the world. The arguments are largely built on his experiences, many of which take place in Hong Kong. From how he questioned the morality of gambling at the Ocean Park mini-games, to the implementation of technology at the Mid-Levels taxi stands, Eitan explores how 19-year-olds are looking at the world today.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, you can find a link on his website, or search his name and book title (‘19 for 19’) on Amazon.

Have you wondered, with all that's going on in today's world, what a 19-year-old thinks about? '19 for 19' discusses the 19 things that a 19-year-old thinks can be changed about the world. The chapters cover a wide range of controversial topics, from cancel culture, to gambling, to phone addiction. Written in a 90-day challenge during a gap-year post-High School, '19 for 19' delves into the head of Eitan as he explores the implications of the current direction of our society.