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ISSFHK Badminton Silver Tournament

Carmel School had an exciting return to the ISSFHK badminton league after a four year Covid break. We participated in the Silver division and competed against six other schools. It was an amazing experience for our teammates since it was their first time taking part in a badminton tournament and it was a great way for some of our new students to integrate into our school community.

There were no easy games in our league, all schools had quality players including some Hong Kong ranked players. In one game, when we competed against West Island School, we faced a very strong opponent. Even though the competition was very tough, our team maintained a positive attitude and continued to give their best effort. We displayed excellent teamwork and supported each other throughout the game. 

One special moment that I'll never forget was during our first game. Aiden and Colin were playing doubles and had an intense rally. The score was tied at 20-20, and what followed was a display of incredible skill and determination. They hit some incredible smashes and shots, making the rally truly exciting. It was amazing to see them play so well with such determination in their first doubles game against a really strong school.

As the season is coming to an end, I can confidently say that our team has made great progress. It has been inspiring to see our team pushing themselves to their limits during training sessions, and we must thank our PE teacher Mr. Baldwin for helping us to practice, and for his unwavering support. 

After this season, we hope to encourage a few more players who would like to join our badminton team and we hope we can push for even better results!

Colin, Grade 7P