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U12 Girls vs West Island School (WIS)

On Monday 27 May, the undefeated U12s Girls football team travelled to play West Island School. We all entered the match feeling anxious: we only had six players, no substitutions, and we had seen West Island’s recent results. They were going to be very difficult opponents.

The match started with our kickoff and I was playing in a new position and had to adapt quickly. In defence, Bela and I were communicating with each other, coordinating who pushes and who protects the goal. It was working really well - if Bela took the ball up the pitch, I would hold; if I got hold of the ball in midfield, Bela would drop.

It was a tight game, their goal keeper was amazing and very strong, we had chances but not much was getting past her. Tali then scored an outstanding goal in the last minute of the half. It was a big relief.
We were all so exhilarated because we knew that if we won this match we would be the first Elsa Under 12 Girls’ football team to go undefeated in the regular season.
The second half started with their kick-off, this time instead of pushing and taking risks for a goal, Bela and I protected the goal. Again it was really tight, their team was well organised and made us work hard. Maya got fouled half way through the half and it was in a good position. Mr. Baldwin told me to take the free kick. I hit it really well and it was heading for the far top corner from a distance but again their goalkeeper got a hand to it and made the save!

Soon after, I had taken a goal kick straight to Tali in the middle of the pitch, she turned well, carried the ball forward and then scored - we finished the game with a 2-0 win for us. We left the pitch proud of everything we achieved. 

We must thank our coach and Mr Baldwin for their support - we’re still unbeaten! We can now look ahead with confidence as we compete in the finals on Tuesday 11 June. 

Aline, Grade 7