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We Are The Champions! - U12 Girls Football team wins ISSFHK Silver Division!

As our team got on the bus we could all feel the adrenaline rushing through our bodies  and as soon as we got to the venue the nerves had kicked in. When we saw the other teams starting to arrive and practice we knew we had to play our hardest if we wanted to win. The first match of the day was versus Nord Anglia. The game started out strong with Tali scoring 2 goals in the first half and Talia scoring 1 goal. By halftime our spirits were high because we were winning 3-0. This gave us a chance to rotate our players and give other players a go at playing in a different position. At the final whistle, we had won 5-0. 

We were exhausted when the match against West Island School started and we all knew how good they were. The game started off well with lots of chances for us but their goalkeeper was amazing and kept our shots out. Eventually, we broke them down and Tali scored a goal to take the lead. The game was still tight as we finished the half 1-1.  If we didn’t score another goal the game would go to extra time and then penalties. So we tried our very best, ignoring any sense of tiredness or exhaustion from the heat and humidity. As the second half of the match began, we pushed forward and one of the West Island school players hand-balled in the penalty box, the referee gave it, penalty to ELSA! Bela wanted the penalty kick, she placed it well and scored but the referee wasn’t happy about the goalkeeper and made her take it again, but she kicked too soon so had to take it again. Third time lucky, she scored! With the score at 2-1 and still 20 minutes left to play, it was all about defending and wanting to win. The final whistle blew and we had won the match and the championship! 

All of the exhaustion from a few seconds before immediately rushed out of us. All the players on our team rushed onto the field, and our celebrations filled the field with joy as we realized we were the undefeated team of our season. We were jumping on each other screaming ‘WE WON’. Even then, the concept of being champions didn’t process through our minds. We couldn’t believe we won the entire finals - we were so excited. Sweat was running down our faces as we ran around the pitch, singing our chant for the last time this season. 

As the final day was coming to an end we were all exhilarated and in total shock as we had been the first-ever U12 Girls' football team to go undefeated and win the finals. Although we were winning 2-1 against West Island School we had not given up, we were determined to score more goals and did not let anyone through. While we sat in a line awaiting our gold medals and the banner, we were all in immense joy as we were rewarded with the gold medals.

Aline, Grade 7