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Careers Fair Recap

On Tuesday 21 November Elsa High School students from Grades 9-12 attended the annual Careers Fair. The fair consisted of a series of sessions for students to talk with the over 20 professionals from a range of fields and disciplines including business, science, services, entertainment, art, and design. The event was kicked off by an inspiring and thought-provoking keynote speech from Dr. Allan Zeman, Chairman of the Lan Kwai Fong Association, whom we thank for his generous time with our students. There was a palpable vibe in the air, discussions running on until past closing. 

We would like to thank Mr. Sean Saar-Naville, the PTA, and all the visiting professionals for their time and dedication to this event, and for making it such a valuable experience for our students. 

Mr Adam Darrell, MYP Coordinator

My main aim for this Careers Fair was to gain insight into how adults can experience a work life that they love. I could sense the anticipation in the buzz as I walked into the auditorium. Speaking to so many people from such diverse fields evoked a sense of drive, yet nervousness in me. The fair made me realise just how quickly I’d have to make some major life decisions. 

I particularly enjoyed speaking Ms. Tom Porat Cohen, an architect. She told me about how she knew she wanted to incorporate her love for drawing into her profession, and knew instantly that architecture was “her calling.” Through many hardships, and a tough few years to earn her degree she learned one thing that truly touched me. She said that she didn’t mind spending the time and the energy because she knew she was working toward a dream. Her life’s work doesn’t even feel like a job, but more like a passion that she gets to work towards everyday. This made me realise that there is no “set time” to work towards a goal, and having a career doesn’t necessarily mean having a nine to five work day. It means creating a life while doing the thing you love the most.

Trisha, Grade 9

This year's Careers Fair provided us with a wealth of information about a wide range of professions for our future. Each booth showcased unique occupations, including a stand-up comedian and a conductor, allowing us to delve deeper into understanding the responsibilities, values and training needed associated with each job. 

I was surprised by the number of career options available and how this event broadened my horizons to consider unfamiliar fields. The Career Fair also presented us with many opportunities, such as potential internships, and taught us valuable life lessons that will help us in shaping our professional journeys. 

Thank you to the leaders and planners of this event for your hard work and dedication in making this fair a success.

Nili, Grade 10

The Careers Fair was an amazing opportunity for the students of Carmel's Elsa High School section to be exposed to different careers and get to know what a day in the life of different careers would be like. Students were able to explore a plethora of career options that they may or may not have an interest in. Nevertheless, everyone gained vital advice from this event and hopefully, it inspired many people like it inspired me. This event made me realize that high school is a stepping stone rather than a determining factor for my whole life. 

The Careers Fair provided a peek at the bright futures and the countless unknowns that would possibly affect our career decisions. I am grateful to be provided with the opportunity to meet so many upstanding members of society, and grateful that they could come to our school to share their experiences and valuable advice. 

Isabella, Grade 10

My expectations going into the career fair were not high, previous experiences outside of Carmel have taught me that they can often be dull and uninspiring. I could not have been more wrong. 

The speakers were full of passion, describing their own journeys in vivid detail about how they crossed paths with their current career. The one person that stood out of the crowd for me was Dr. Allan Zeman, a well known real estate developer. Being a student aiming to go into the real estate industry myself, I was greatly intrigued by what Dr. Zeman had to say. Throughout the conversation, Dr. Zeman and I exchanged our respective views on the current real estate market until I had to move to another table. 

Overall, I was able to walk out of the Career Fair with valuable insight into my future career possibilities. My next step for now is to do what I need to do right now to the best of my abilities, to ensure a wider variety of careers for me to choose from in the future. 

Richard, Grade 11

On Tuesday, my peers and I got to experience going to the Careers Fair for the first time. We were accompanied by Grades 10-12. During the Careers Fair, we met and spoke with a variety of people from different backgrounds and jobs. A highlight of the Careers Fair for me was meeting the Cathay Pacific captain Mr. Nicholas Tong. I was able to listen to him explain the different experiences of danger and the different flights he has taken on his 15,000 flight hour career so far. He talked about the thrill of flying an aircraft and the behind-the-scenes of preparing for take-off and landing. His stories opened my eyes and showed me an entire world of flying which I have never seen or heard of before. Overall, Careers Fair opened my eyes and showed me that there are so many different jobs I can pursue after I graduate.

Yair, Grade 9