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Elsa High School Sports Day 2023

Elsa High School Sports Day was back at a fresh venue in Wong Chuk Hang, even more House Cheer, and a whole slew of new records to be broken! 

The energy and enthusiasm throughout the day was something to behold. A huge thanks to our support staff, and to all the teachers helping on the day. And a massive well done to Mr. Baldwin for organising. Finally, a salute to all the students who really made the day with their enthusiasm and good spirit. Here, students report on the events of the day. 

Gabriel - House Akiva

This year's Sports Day was truly one for the record books. Firstly, we extend our gratitude to Mrs. Friedmann, Mr. Baldwin, the dedicated teachers, and the administration for their efforts in organizing such a remarkable and seamless event for us, the students. Throughout the course of the day, there were runs, jumps, and throws and it is evident through this year's Sports Day performances that each and every student brought their A-game. 

I had the opportunity to speak with Hinako, a Grade 11 student who was taking part in her second Sports Day at Elsa High School. Hinako enthusiastically participated in a variety of events, including the 1500m race, 100m sprint, high jump, and javelin throw. “Sports Day is such a great day out for everyone, there is so much to enjoy by spending the day with our classmates and the immense happiness we feel when we see our peers cheering us on during the events. It makes us want to give our all.”

Sports Day truly brings out the best in students, as everyone, just like Hinako mentioned, gives their all. Despite the high-pressure circumstances during the events, there was a remarkable sense of camaraderie and support among all participants.

I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone involved in making this year's Sports Day a success, and to all the participants, congratulations on a job well done!

Lili - House David

This year's sports day was especially notable for me. It was my first sports day as a House Captain for David. Stepping into this new leadership role allowed me to gain multiple perspectives and truly learn the importance of togetherness. 

I have never excelled or been too interested in sports. I have always thought that I would not be good at anything sport-related because I was not good at certain events, such as running, throwing, etc. I would never be good at anything related to sports. Leading up to this year's sports day, I allowed myself to be more open-minded and practice failing well. This new sense of open-mindedness meant I could participate in more PHE classes and put in significantly more effort than usual. 

This year, a strong sense of community and my newfound desire to participate led me to win my first-ever event and my first gold medal - for the high jump! It may seem like winning a medal may have been the highlight of my Sports Day, but the feeling of pride and gratitude for the fantastic community at Elsa completely overtook anything else. 

Thank you to Mr. Baldwin and all teachers, administrators, and students for making this Sports Day truly memorable!

Tali - House Hillel

This year’s Sports Day was like no other, with incredible vibes that radiated from the very first to last minute of the day. Lightning-fast speeds and record-breaking moments are an annual sight, but the buzzing atmosphere is what set this year apart. 

From the vibrant house cheers to excellent performances, throwing to track events, the enthusiasm was constant and spirits remained high. Cate, a terrific runner from Grade 11, summarised the day in one word: “community.” For her, the highlight of her day was seeing genuine support among participants — whether competing with or against each other — all competitors demonstrated true sportsmanship while cheering and lifting one another up.

Elsa’s characteristic sense of community and the team spirit that shone through was what made this Sports Day a resounding success. It is what made runners, regardless of which place they came in, finish their races with a smile.

Many thanks to Mr. Baldwin and all the teachers and admin who made this special day possible, and congratulations to all participants!