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Kibbutz Holit Visit

Kibbutz Holit is a small  agricultural community of around 200 members, near the Israel-Gaza border. On October 7th they experienced horrors and lost friends and family. The Hong Kong Jewish Community Alliance, Carmel School included, decided to embrace Holit, supporting projects that will sustain the Holit community as they wait to return to their homes and rebuild the infrastructure of their kibbutz and establish close relations with its members. The community of Holit is inspired by the Carmel School initiative to promote awareness of World Water Day while supporting their rehabilitation efforts. With some of our donations, they will  be able to build a new greenhouse, which they are naming the “Carmel Hydroponic Garden”. 

Two weeks ago we had the privilege of having a Kibbutz Holit delegation visit the community and our School. At the Elsa High School campus, the Holit delegation introduced themselves in assembly then had a tour of the school. Subsequently, students in all grades  had the opportunity to chat informally  with them.

From Grade 7 to 11, each class was able to listen and ask questions. Our students asked very good questions, with maturity and sensitivity. What do you miss the most in Holit? Do you still want to go back there after everything that happened? What do you think of all the denial in the media and social media about what happened to you? Each question was met with a thoughtful response. The Holit members were inspirational and it was strengthening for us to hear how they are coping with loss while still looking to the future with hope. 

Many thanks to all involved who enabled this to happen. We wish the Holit community a better and greater future and look forward to being in touch again soon.