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Mandarin Speaking Competition 2024

Congratulations to Joanne, Grade 6, for winning Upper Primary Runner-Up in the 2024 Mandarin Speaking Competition! Below is her reflection of the event: 

Today, I am honored to share with you the exciting news that I have obtained the General runner-up of the 2024 Mandarin Speaking Competition in the category of upper primary in Hong Kong!

Firstly, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my mentor, Ms. Liu. Thank you for guidance and support, you provided me with the stage to showcase my skills and challenge my limits. Secondly, I also want to thank my teachers and Grade 6 classmates for their encouragement. Every round of applause and word of encouragement was the driving force that propelled me forward, allowing me to persevere and improve throughout the competition!

During this competition, I learned a great deal. I met students from different schools and exchanged views on Mandarin learning, which also affirmed the belief that “friendship comes first, competition second.” Although I was the runner-up, this experience is invaluable to me. It is not just an honor but also a motivation that spurs me to continue striving and breaking through my own barriers.

I believe that every effort will be transformed into a precious experience in the journey of my life!


Joanne, Grade 6