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MYP Exhibition

On Wednesday 19 June students of Elsa High School celebrated their achievements and scope of learning over the year with the MYP Exhibition. 

All subject departments worked hard to collate and display various pieces of student work throughout the year, including some stand alone pieces created in the past few weeks post exams. Students took an active role in curating the different exhibition stalls, and took the time to present their work to the other students. 

The event not only allowed students the time and space to reflect on and share their best work from the past year but also gave them the opportunity to really see their learning as a journey. They were encouraged to appreciate the work of others, look back at projects they may have completed in earlier years, and look forward to some of the projects they are yet to do. 

It really was a celebration of learning, and a fantastic way to end the year. Thank you to all students who took the time to share their work, and to all our teachers for their time and effort into putting together such wonderful displays. 

Mr. Adam Darell, MYP Coordinator

What is one piece of work that really stood out to you today?  What did you like about it?

  • We really liked the grade 8 design using LED lights to make art. Romy 
  • I liked the G9 science exhibition on atoms and enzymes. I enjoyed this because it was really interesting and I didn’t know much about this area of Science before. Yeda 
  • A piece that stood out to me was the photography books by the Grade 9s. I liked how everyone had a different style of photography, according to the subject, the angle and the use of colour and composition. Jaeah 
  • A piece of work that really stood out to me today was in the French section where students had to make movie covers in french with a short blurb to describe the movie. I think that this was a very innovative and fun idea that makes the students have fun. Aline 
  • I really enjoyed viewing Isabella Fong's work. She created a series of motion picture films in black and white of the school. As a person who is very interested and intrigued in films, seeing her style of work truly captured my imagination. Each of her films included some sort of nature or a human body, and it gave me a sense of how we can all connect from one source. Katarina 
  • I really liked the Grade 9 photo books, specifically Amanda and Mauv's. I thought that Mauv's was so interesting because it made you uncomfortable and made you really engaged in the rest of the photos. I really liked Amanda's because it was so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Alma 

What piece of work that you completed this year are you proud of and why? 


  • A piece of work I am proud of that I completed this year was my entry to the Hong Kong Young Writers Award. I spent a lot of time and effort to make it the best I could, the work paid off as I got shortlisted! Ayala 
  • This year I am mainly proud of our science work. I really enjoyed it because it is the project I spent the most time and effort on. I also really enjoyed teaching it to others. Ariel 
  • Although my favourite pieces of work this year were for Science and English, the work I was most proud of was my JS. My work was the only project that was presented from my class. It made me feel proud as I spent a lot of time and effort on the presentation. Adiella 
  • I'm proud of my design piece. The design piece consists of my candy packaging and my sketch for it. I worked very hard on it and made lots of changes but in the end it was very enjoyable to make. Sydney 

What are you looking forward to next year? 


  • I am looking forward for a lot of things next year, especially making friends with new people and learning new things with different teachers. I am also looking forward to starring in next year's musical! Ayala 
  • I am looking forward to my role in the musical, which is leading in prop painting and design with my friend Ayla. It is an opportunity to explore and improve my leadership, communication and time management skills. Mavis 
  • I look forward to working on more interesting works next year like prototypes, films, and different art pieces as there were many posters made this year. Gabrielle 
  • I'm looking forward to dreaming up ideas for my personal project and actually executing said ideas. Ariel