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MYP Personal Projects Exhibition

The Grade 10 students have spent the last eight months working to complete their MYP Personal Projects. This project is the culmination of their efforts during their Middle Years at Carmel School. We are incredibly proud of how they have tackled this challenge -- demonstrating a clear appreciation for the lessons they’ve learned throughout their MYP journey. 

The students all chose projects which played to their strengths, interests and passions in life, many of which embodied their aim of becoming internationally-minded citizens with a goal to make the world a better place. From travel guides, recipe books and student newsletters, to viral videos, 3D designs and photography books - these students surely are the future leaders and content creators of our interconnected world. 

Since their initial ideation phase, through to the Work-in-Progress Exhibition and the write up of their final report, students worked really hard to implement suggestions and comments and build on advice from their supervisors and peers. Juggling the IB learner profiles of being a risk taker and being balanced, Grade 10 have learned some valuable lessons about realistic time management and organisation. We hope that these experiences will stand them in good stead as they begin their DP journey.

Grade 10 – congratulations! You showed grit and an admirable determination to grow and improve yourselves and support one another. It has been a pleasure working with you - from my first class as your Grade 6 English teacher until now - how you’ve grown! 

Mr. Adam Darell, MYP & Personal Project Coordinator