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Oliver! Jr The Musical on Stage at Elsa High School

On Tuesday 28 March and Wednesday 29 March, Elsa High School was finally able to put on the long-awaited musical show: “Oliver! Jr” The end product is testimony to the hard work and dedication put in by everyone involved. From the actors and directors, to stage hands, backstage crew and support staff, everyone has given their all to make this year’s show a roaring success! 

The show follows the story of Oliver, a young boy who escapes the harsh conditions of a workhouse and joins a group of young pickpockets led by the charismatic Fagin. The show features classic songs such as "Consider Yourself" and "Reviewing the Situation".

The performers have put in long hours of rehearsals to bring the characters to life. Their hard work and understanding of the material have brought out the best in their performances. The support staff that include set design, props, costumes, technical and musical crew deserve equal recognition for all their hard work and dedication that really brought the musical to life.

Audiences have been delighted with the show, drawing comparisons with Broadway! And many returned for a second viewing. The success of “Oliver! Jr” is a testament to the talent and dedication of everyone involved. Next year's musical has a huge standard to live up to – and students are already asking where they can sign up. They all want "more"!

We hope that parents, guests and students all enjoyed the show. Many, many thanks must go to Ms. Kristen Pearson, Ms. Robyn Humphreys and Ms. Celia Leung for bringing it all together at last. 

Mr Adam Darell, Editor of the Weekly Daf

Performer Reflections

Keziah: The musical was an experience of fun, creativity and hard work. We all contributed recesses, classes and spare time to paint the sets or rehearse. The show went from 2 years away to just 5 minutes and the feeling of waiting for that first note of “Food, Glorious Food” was probably the most thrilling. I really hope to do this again next year.

Jemaiah: I am grateful to be a part of this play. Even through Covid we powered through and were able to perform. We couldn’t have made it without the help, guidance and support of our wonderful directors: Ms. Celia, Ms. Robyn, and Ms. Pearson. At some moments I thought, this isn’t happening, it isn’t real, even 5 minutes before the play. However, as it comes to an end, I realise it really was real, fun and a true privilege to be a part of. The cast was amazing and I couldn’t have wanted a better one.

Lea: “Oliver!” has created a chain of lifelong memories I know I will cherish forever. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been cast and to have performed in this production.

Lyora: I am so glad to be included in this year’s Elsa High School Musical. I will keep this memory with me for the rest of my life – getting to socialise and bond with each other, tightening our friendships with one another. We spent two years practising for this moment – with Mr. Swart leaving it was difficult but at the end we figured things out and finally made  “Oliver!” possible.

Ayala: “Oliver!” is an experience I have never gone through before. I have seen a perspective of being behind the curtains. I cannot believe that it’s over! I have had fun connecting with new people. Overall, this is an experience that I will remember forever.

Akiva: The production process was amazing – the different parts of it like the singing, the acting, movements and the sets all coming together was wonderful. We had some tough moments in the last three years like Covid hitting right in the middle and the director who started the play, Mr Swart, leaving, we thought it wouldn’t happen at all and our work would be wasted. Then two new amazing teachers took over as directors and picked up all the leftover pieces and made it into something incredible. And Ms Celia, who was with us the whole time, made a big impact – helping us with honing our voices and teaching us timing. All in all it was an amazing experience and I know I’m definitely going to be auditioning next year. Thank you for the experience!

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