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“Terre de Jeux 2024” Relay Race: Virtual Passing of the Olympic Flame - Student Reflections

This virtual passing of the Olympic Flame around the world took place in Hong Kong on Tuesday 14 March, consisting of a 6km run going through three checkpoints: the French International School campus in Tseung Kwan O, the Cross Bay Bridge, and the Promenade. Our goal was to participate, promote the French language, and to share sports values such as perseverance, respect, and discipline. We are delighted that Carmel School was invited to join the French International School to take part in this meaningful symbolic event. You can read FIS' event recap here:

Mr. Jimmy Rico, Acting Heading of Modern Foreign Languages, French

I think that the relay race “Terre de jeux 2024” that we did with FIS was a precious experience. We arrived at FIS at around 8:50-9:00 where there was a debriefing in French about why we were doing the virtual passing of the Olympic flame. 

After that, we went to a path next to the harbour where we saw that the track stretched all the way around. I was surprised that all of that was 6km. When we started, everybody sprinted and I was surprised to see Yeda just sprinted the whole thing until he was out of sight. I fast-jogged the entire 6km while being 50m ahead of my group. I enjoyed it because I could breathe fresh air and I had a beautiful view of the harbour. When I saw the finish line, I sprinted to the end with my friends cheering me on. 

After the race, we went back to the campus where we ate fruits, played sports and even met professional Olympic volleyball players and football players. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. During the run, I started to remember the fiery desire inside of me to win but at the same time to enjoy it. For me, sport is all about enjoyment and this experience was very fun and I will, without a doubt, never forget it. 


Running with the FIS kids was exciting to say the very least. We ran 6 km around the TKO area. Running as a representative of Hong Kong and France along with the French International kids was new for everyone in Grade 6, and maybe even for some of the FIS students. Sport is a part of my life and it has also given me new friends that I wouldn't have met otherwise. The athletes were really nice and caring, and all of them really knew their sport and how to handle the kids on campus. Overall this short run was amazing and I hope to do something similar again soon. 


We went to the French International School to participate in a worldwide event called “Terre de jeux 2024”. This was really fun. It was something that I have never experienced before and the students at FIS were really cool. I had a lot of fun doing the relay with the students from both Carmel and FIS. After the relay, we got back to their school and we had drinks and fruit. The people from their school and our school were playing in their playground, they were playing volleyball, football, and basketball. We had a 30 minute break at their school then we went back to Elsa High School. This was really fun and the relay was good; it was windy and pretty cold but I really enjoyed it.